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Building an Effective Executive Leadership Team

How can an organization's leader maximize the effectiveness of its executive leadership team?A well- or poorly-run Executive team can literally mean success or failure in any sized company. In our exp

7 Tips for Becoming a Successful Secret Shopper

Secret shopping is one hot industry today. But what is secret shopping? Secret shopping is simply being hired by companies who would want to evaluate their stores, products and services and getting paid while posing to be a regular customer. It is a very effective way of getting extra income while e

Can You Be a Born Leader?

A lot of people get into MLM and they look at their sponsors or they look at other members and think they're just born leaders. How am I ever going to succeed in this kind of a business if I'm not a born leader?

Legitimate Work From Home - Staying at Home Can Earn You Good Money

Many people have the common impression that anything that comes from the internet is scam. The same fear applies when you look for ways to earn money through the internet. While it is true that there are scams and scammers online and offline, there is legitimate work from home programs that are wort

Secret Shops Come In Different Styles

As a business owner, we sometimes do not know what we are doing. Let us be honest, we should be grateful that there is help out there for those who need it. As business owners, most of us try to figure things out on our own and that results in a bigger loss that we maybe have imagined.

Home Business Ideas & Opportunities - Is A Home Business Right For You?

Every day more and more people decide to start their own home based business, allowing them to take control of their lives and income. Although an even greater number of people who want to own their own business doesn't think it is for them. Often these people don't have the drive and dete

How Workforce Mobility Can Help Your Business

According to Kelton Research, workplace mobility is increasingly being valued at both American and British companies, with 68% of IT managers providing support for personal devices and technology being used in the workplace and 63% of non-technical managers saying that allowing their staff to use th

The Emperor's New Clothes and Lessons in Visualization

A look at wealth creation through the children's story, "The Emperor's New Clothes." Think and grow rich. Have the right mindset and wealth will be "attracted" to you. Think in the right channels and you will automatically become wealthy.

Security Guard Services for Your Safety and Protection

The article provides all the necessary information about security guard services to its readers. It speaks about the benefits of types of services and how it helps in tightening the security measures.

How to Make Money at Home With Little or No Investment

Many people are looking for ways to earn enough money online to either supplement or replace their income. People spend a ton of money buying these get rich quick schemes that never deliver its promises.

Steel Of Opportunities And Challenges In "low-profit Era"

Today, China's steel industry, is at an historical turning point. The steel industry to get out of the current predicament, we must follow closely in the context of the transformation of economic growth mode run, the upgrading of the country's industrial structure, especially in the direct