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How Is Nylon Made?

What is Nylon?Nylon is arguably the first synthetic fiber invented by mankind. It was invented in the early 1920s but saw little use until World War II, when silk became extremely rare and nylon was found to be an effective substitute. From then nylon was used to make parachutes, clothes,...

How to Make a Tutu Bow Holder

A bow holder is a functional piece of furniture that is used to hold a girl's collection of hair bows by providing a location for the bows to clip or hang. As most little girls love ballerinas and tutus, it is a simple process to turn the functional item of a bow holder into a decorative one as well

How to Paint a Face Like an Animal

Face painting is a great way to jazz up a children's party or a fancy dress costume. Giving a child, friend or family member a temporary new identity as an animal requires a few basic tools and preparation. If you are inexperienced, the more you practice, the better your artwork will become. Having

How to Make a Flamenco Skirt

The flamenco dancing style originated in the Andalusian community in Spain. In order to pay proper tribute to this old art form, professional dancers insist on wearing the traditional flamenco-style skirt. The hem of a flamenco skirt should be long enough to cover the top part of the shoe, although

Tie Dye Technique

Tie dye crafts, particularly making tie dye shirts, is a fabric craft that's enjoyed in homes, classrooms and children's camps around the country. The simple technique of tie dye lets children create a unique shirt or craft with the use of basic supplies and simple steps. Tie dye is a fun extracurri

Christmas Crafts for Kids with Finger Paints

Finger paints are a favorite craft for kids.tub of yellow paint image by Horticulture from Fotolia.comLet your children or students design artistic Christmas crafts using gooey and colorful finger paints to display at home or give as gifts to friends and family members. Minimize the mess...

How to Archive Your Digital Photos in Bound Books

There are many reasons you may wish to archive your digital photos in a bound book. In addition to the possibility of computer failure, digital photo books can make excellent coffee table books and gifts. You could even choose to use your book as a professional portfolio or income-generating, self-p

How to Make a Celtic Knot Pen

Re-create the look of the "Celtic knot" pens, which are traditionally made of wood, by adding the Celtic knot design to a regular pen. When Celtic knot pens are made, the casings or "pen blanks" are carved from wood. The knot design is either burned into the blank with a wood burning tool or painted

How to Make a Beaded Frog

Beaded frogs are popular craft projects. You will notice beaded frogs and other animals attached to knapsacks, zipper pulls and other casual items. Free patterns are readily available in library books, craft magazines and online. Supplies are inexpensive and for $10 you can get a good selection of b

How to Make Wood Flowers

Woodworking is as much an art as it is a science. Cuts must be made carefully so they fit together properly. However, the woodworker can be creative with the medium, creating original shapes and pieces. Wooden flowers serve as one such project. Though many people like flowers, fresh flowers wi

How to Make Fabric Stick to Velcro

Any sewing project that requires fasteners, such as zippers or Velcro, requires precise stitching. The fastener must be sewn to the fabric in an exact manner to ensure it functions correctly. Misaligned zippers jam and break easily. The plastic backing on sewn-on Velcro can produce sharp edges when

DIY Lace Cuffs

French jewelry designer Aurélie Bidermann took the fashion world by storm when she presented her collection of lace cuff bracelets dipped in precious metals. But with price tags upwards of $1,000, many fashionistas find the beautiful cuffs way out of their budgets, or something to save extra

Heat Press Machine Instructions

Heat press machines, also known as heat transfer presses, use hot temperatures and firm pressure to permanently embed designs and images in the substrates of imprintable surfaces. With a little thought and a dash of creativity, heat press machines can be used to transfer all your favorite designs to

Light Switch Cover Crafts

Sometimes it's the little touches in our homes that can make the biggest differences. Covering a light switch cover can add a decorative flair to any room in the house. Use your existing switch plate covers, or get some inexpensive plastic ones at the hardware store for around a dollar a piece.

How to Make Shelves Out of Cardboard

Homemade cardboard shelves are a cheap and environmental friendly solution to storage and organizational issues in the home. Cardboard shelves are simple and do not, in any sense, dominate the room in which they are located. You can paint and decorate cardboard shelves to suit any room, style or int

How to Sanitize Water Bottles While Camping

Camping is an activity that can be enjoyed by family and friends. One of the biggest issues with camping, however, is that it is harder to keep all utensils and food or drink related tools clean. Sanitizing water bottles is one of the most important things to do while camping, seeing as water is s

How to Make a Salt Bar

Soap made with salt, sometimes referred to as salt bars, provide an invigorating exfoliating effect on the skin. The process is similar to making regular cold press soap, but with the addition of salt. You can be creative when making salt bars and add ingredients such as essential oils and coloring

How to Build an Air Brush Booth

Painting with air brushes requires practice and attention to the surrounding area. Airbrushes tend to emit paint in a fine mist of spray that is sometimes toxic. To protect yourself and the surroundings, use an airbrush in a booth. The booth will protect you from paint particles and help target the

Kindergarten Fish Crafts

Fish are an appealing subject for craft projects for kindergarteners. They come in different shapes and their colors can be brilliant. Their habitat is made up of mysterious shapes that are fun to interpret on paper. A craft project creating fish gives kids the opportunity to use their imaginations

How to Print a Picture on a Shirt

A customized shirt with a picture printed on it can make a very unique statement. Since the shirt can be completely personalized, you can show a picture of your family, your pet or even your favorite television star. Creating a shirt with a picture printed on it can be done in your own home. Althoug