3 FREE Social Media Monitoring Tools That Are a Must Have!

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We all live in a world where the entire globe can have access to your name, photo, IP address and all of your public information with a simple search.

Social Media is taking this one step further. Not only are we able to find your past exploits online but we can hear the conversation that the globe is having about you, your company - right now, with a simple click and typing key words.

Twazzup, Addict-o-matic and SocialMention are three platforms that allow you to measure your social media conversations or buzz surrounding your brand online at any given time.

1. Twazzup.
This application is a bridge between Twitter and a search engine. If you stick with the "what you know" mantra, Twazzup mostly plays in the Twitter world but plays very well there. From logging your Tweets per hour to giving you mug shots on the top influencers of any search, this application gives you a full circle view of how your brand is performing in the twitter space environment.

Twazzup pigeonholes itself by being solely Twitter-focused. Looking for influencers? If you look up a topic such as "Gulf Oil Spill," you fill find the Top 10 people you need to talk with right there at the tips of your research. I did a look up of the Top "Influencers" and this is what I found.

What links lead to your keyword search? Look at the top of the Twazzup.com page and check out what is being said about you.

2. Addict-o-matic.
This is a social search application. It lets you see how your brand is presented on a number of different social platforms all on one page. Like all search engines, aggregation sites like Digg, Flickr and YouTube are for media searcher, but Addict-o-matic takes a platform called Trending.com and puts a more comprehensive spin on your social platform information.

Not only can you create and customize an interface and keep track of a number of sites that many others may not be thinking about. You can create your own page for your selected keywords, but you can also add tons of popular, and not so popular, social sites to give you as much or as little detail overload as you require. You can also see the latest buzz from Blinkx, Truveo and Twingly which are not being harvested daily by most marketers and content sharers.

See below a lookup I did on "Sarah Palin" and then clicked on the second tab for all the social media sites. Wow, I had not heard of at least 30% of some of these sites until today!

This application allows you to get all the latest info on a subject matter from tons of platforms. You can move any content box around to position the most important info on top.

I did a search on my name "DJ Heckes" and found this information all on one page and even though you cannot see all the elements, this is a snapshot of what is being said about a person online.

3. SocialMention.
This application is a little more simplistic and has a very professional design but sticks to words that have been made popular by today's social media thought leaders, while Twazzup and Addict-o-matic are very straightforward platforms. Measuring words such as "passion," "Sentiment," and "reach" and having the ability to quantify these subjective words makes SocialMention the platform your boss would approve you using daily.

This application gives you tons of features to play with, but unfortunately if a beginner, you will need to see their FAQ to catch up before you really appreciate what they have done for you. Instead of selecting one social network, or grouping the info by network, SocialMention chooses to give you a stream timeline to include content from places like Stumbleupon, Twitter and Google Blogs. This application also lets you know how many mentions and how many different people mention you or your business.

My favorite feature is called "tattletale." If you click on the word "negative" under the sentiment area, it sends you to a list of so-called "negative" posts waiting for you to join in on the conversations at any time. There is no real specific answer on how they determine why it's negative but check out all the information and be safe instead of sorry.

I did a look up of my book "Full BRAIN Marketing" and found this information. Wow, this is amazing!!

The disappointing fact is I am unable to click on the unique authors or retweets section. This would be a great bonus if we were able to see a list of those authors. As a marketer, I would want to have a list of who is talking about me to make it easy as pie to connect and grow these relationships. SocialMention makes you dig through their timeline and their data but this may not necessarily be good for us. You can export the top users, but the data requires some 4xtra effort to turn into a hit list for getting involved and building relationships.

Now that you have hopefully learned about three great applications that most marketers are not familiar with, let's size them up.

• SocialMention seems to be the best for being a complete solution of the three applications discussed.
• Twazzup only focuses on Twitter. If they could find a way to integrate other platforms or even partner with other niche-specific platforms for a more robust solution, this application could vault to the top. If using Twazzup, you would need multiple other solutions to use in conjunction with this application to be completely covered.
• Addict-o-matic falls short in many ways. Other than having a cool and catchy name, there is not much difference between Alltop.com or Popurls.com except the search bar. Similar to Twazzup, you will need more tools and this application.
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