Profitable Affiliate Marketing

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Anybody that has looked into making money on the internet knows about affiliate marketing.
It seems like there are tons of programs trying to get you to market their products.
Most give you a great commission for promoting the product.
With all that said, how do you make money doing it.
If you have a website that is getting good traffic then you can send emails to your subscribers or post advertisements of items that are relevant to your site.
If you don't have a website, or don't want to use this method, then the key is finding a product that is in demand, and offers a great commission.
Once you find this you must choose between two methods.
Either market a product that has a reputation for sales, and figure out how to beat the other affiliates out there marketing it, or find brand new products.
I don't have the budget to compete on AdWords and yahoo, so normally I look for a brand new product in a good niche.
This takes some time, and web surfing but it can be very profitable.
Think of it like fads.
Look at the example of diets programs and eBooks.
If your one of the first to market a new diet eBook or program, you stand a good chance of making big cash because its new and people will be curious.
Once it has been around awhile it falls back to reputation.
If the item you are marketing is new the curiosity will carry you through to profit even if the product doesn't live up to reputation.
So if you haven't had much success with affiliate marketing, try the brand new products approach.
It always works for me.
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