How You Use SEO Keywords Makes a Difference

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There is a lot of information about the best way to use keywords in getting your site to rank well on the different search engines.
One place that much of this information misses the boat is, how you use SEO keywords makes more of a difference to the search engines than how many times they are used.
Many people that claim to be SEO experts still sing the praises of "SEO keywords density" when they talk about writing content for websites.
To hear them tell it, the more often you can squeeze keywords in, the more Google likes it.
What they ignore is, Google is more interested in how the words are used than they are in how often they are used.
In other words, you need to think quality over quantity.
There are several ways you can catch Google's attention without overdoing the keywords.
It is an important lesson to learn because if you use your keywords too many times, Google will actually penalize you for it.
You need to know how to highlight your keywords on your web page so they stand out from the rest of the content.
Three are a couple of ways to do that, and a good SEO specialist will know how to do them for you.
The first is simply to make the desired words bold.
Highlight the words and click on the "bold" button at the top of your text editor, and that sets those words apart from the surrounding text.
Another trick that catches Google's attention is to use the "Headline" tag to highlight your selected words.
The headline tag is a designation in HTML that marks the text as a headline.
When Google sees this tag it assumes that it is more important than the normal text, and it will count that toward your web pages ranking.
Be careful when you read what the SEO "experts" have written.
Be aware that just because someone claims expert status, it does not mean they actually know what they are talking about.
Sometimes it just means that they are good at copying what others have written.
Do your research and ask questions.
Real experts are not shy about answering your questions.
Remember, it is not just about having good SEO keywords; it is also about how you use them in your content.
Good content with well placed keywords will always be rewarded on Google.
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