10 Tips on Saving Money Weekly

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Tips on saving money weekly can be done easily.
There are many ways to save; buy doing some of the following item.
Staying away from the rent to own places will save you money weekly and a lot when the item is paid for.
If you are in a business, the computer goes out and has to be in the shop for a week, and you just can't be without it; going to rent to own is possibly going to save your business.
Let them know ahead of time it is only temporary so rent a used one not one that is new.
You'd be saving money on a weekly basis because your business could lose money during that week.
Saving money at what time you visit the grocery store by going weekly instead of two or three times a week.
Don't go grocery shopping when you're hungry because every thing will look good and you'll end up buying things you don't need.
Recycle your plastic grocery bags by using them to line your wastebasket.
Why buy used liners each week for the wastebasket when you can use grocery bags that you got free when you did the shopping.
Watch the sales when shopping.
Save on a weekly basis by stocking up on items that are needed when they are on sale this will save you weekly as well as monthly.
Driving into town once or twice, a week instead of three or four times will save you money.
Making a list of things that need to be done; and do more than one thing while you're in town.
Go to the doctor, grocery store or pay bills all on the same day instead of making three trips you're only making one.
You'll be saving money for gas, the wear on the car as well as time.
Laundry can be very expensive when making a trip to the laundry mat each week.
Check out the used appliance stores in your area, buy a washer, and dry even if you have to pay $50.
00 a month for 6 months.
You'll be saving by not spending $25.
00 to $30.
00 a week depending on the size of your family versus $50.
00 a month.
Having your own washer and dryer can save you gasoline, time, and money when you only have enough cloth to fill half a washer or dryer.
Saving money at home on a weekly basis at what time, you are doing the laundry by doing a full load at a time instead of one or two items.
You'll save here on laundry soap, fabric softener and energy doing a full load of cloths instead on a half a load.
Recycling your used fabric sheets after drying your cloths is a way to save money weekly.
Put them into a baggie and use those to dust with saving you the expense of buy furniture polish every week or two.
They can also be used to clean soap scum from the shower doors too.
If you have, access to a dishwasher saves by using it once a day or three times a week.
Don't run the dishwasher with just a few items make sure it is full.
Dishwashers use less water too versus doing dishes by hand two or three times a day.
Doing one full load once a day will save you on dish soap and water: Save money on a weekly basis by drinking water instead of pop.
Don't buy your water get a water purifier to attach to the kitchen fasuet or a pitcher to run your drinking through.
This will save you money not having to buy your water and is better for your health.
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