The Finance World is in a state of Flux

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The Finance world is in a state of flux at the moment with Wall Street attempting to consolidate 8,000 on the Dow, we see the FTSE 100 attempting to do the same with 4,000. Although this may not prove to be a difficult task on a one week view, there does seem to be the impression of this market only just being capable of crawling up the floor of the rising March channel at 3,920, so bulls should be on guard for any break of this line. Trading is interesting at the moment but there are
opportunities to make money out there for those with an adventurous streak in Real Estate, Real Estate Finance, Flat Screen TV's, Home Audio, Consumer Durables and possibly Autos

Without wishing to sound sensationalist but the Jury is still out as to whether we are looking at a Bear Market Rally or indeed the start of the next Bull Run. I guess most idealists would ironically like to see at least one more retest of the previous lows possibly just to "put to bed" any notions of this market starting to bottom out. The trouble is with so much market gerrymandering going on at the moment in terms of "Governmental fingerprints" being left all over the place it is difficult to see what is a true figure and what is not?

Caveat Emptor

Think carefully about what you have just read. Alongside similar articles of financial opinion think sensibly.

It is prudent and wise to remind you of this fact. An objective viewpoint should always be sought. Your professional advisor should be contacted and his or her advice sought.

Why do we say this and do we not stand by what we say? Yes we do believe everything we say and we stand by it.

The reason for our recommendation to seek independent advice is as follows. Sadly we live in litigious times and some folks seem incapable of independent thought and therefore it is easy to blame others for their own mistakes when they act improperly on certain items of advice.

Taking this into consideration we feel that though we stand by our opinions and advice we would feel safer if you were to get independent advice.

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