How An Online Member Only Forum Helped Me Grow My Internet Marketing Business

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Compared to some, my own 'online internet marketing success' is small. I'm just a remote speck of sand in the giant sandpit of life. But, there are some things I've learnt that may help you.

One thing I've noticed about Internet marketing is that sometimes we forget just how far forward we've come. If you're anything at all like me you may be so 'into' what you do that the actual 'act of doing' overwhelms all other things. In fact...

You actually may not be really aware of how successful you have become!

(Until you start noticing other people treating you differently online and wanting your opinion - or help, on certain matters!)

Of course success is ultimately what you make it out to be. It's your call, and your own 'personal goals achieved' will equal what success means to you.

But as we head towards our own success story, one thing in particular stands out for its importance. This is the power of networking, or using a mentor, (or mentors). You see, when you're starting out, you always have lots of questions. It's natural that you'll have questions, especially when you're starting, or working on, new online (internet marketing) projects.

And as far as I know, there exists no complete, all in one blueprint, that can answer your own unique, individual questions. It's just that everyone has their own way of doing things. We all have a different approach.

And if you're working with Internet or affiliate marketing, very often it's just you and your computer, and some late nights trying to work some frustrating stuff out. Sure, there are people who can help you, but more often than not, they're not the people around you!

This is where the beauty of mentors comes in. This can also be in the form of a members only forum where you get to know the other members, and can really trust and rely on their judgment and suggestions.

Yes, such forums can be quite costly. This is because they provide such great value... you get a level of guidance that is usually from people who have achieved their own levels of excellence and have a clearer idea of the big picture. In other words, they usually know what you need to do next!

As a current member of The Internet Marketing Inner Circle (TIMIC), I'm finding the level of support, 'inside knowledge' and wise guidance is having a powerful effect on my own internet marketing lifestyle.

As a quick example, working together as a complete team, we recently brainstormed an idea, evolved this into a working product, and then started to actually market this product online. This product was a simple ebook titled "20 ways to make $100 a day online."

Not only has this 'group product' been a huge success, but I get to promote the '20 Ways' ebook myself and earn a 100% commission which is a great motivator. And by being part of the 'making' of this info-product, it's become all the more special to me.

I'd never get to experience the 'inside know-how' to how a group product gets created from the ground up, is nurtured and perfected, and finally released to a willing audience... had I not been part of this member-only forum.

Plus I bask in the knowledge that I can drop in right now to my own 'Inner Circle' forum and get helpful, constructive answers to any Internet marketing questions I have.

And as long as I am driven to keep asking questions, no matter how 'far-out' they may seem, then I will travel the road to success with an ever-present smile on my friendly Internet marketer's face...

And I'll see you in the 'Inner Circle' too.

(c) Copyright Martin Hurley 2007
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