How to Treat Employess With Dignity & Respect

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    • 1). Give your employees sufficient training. Make sure that your employees know how to do their jobs properly. While they're being trained, make them feel comfortable enough to ask questions. This will allow them to perform their job better and keep your business running more efficiently.

    • 2). Get to know your employees. Spending time getting to know your employees will allow you to figure out what better motivates them. More importantly, it allows you to see them as a person and not just an employee number.

    • 3). Listen to your employees. If they have a question or a complaint, they need to be able to express it. If you feel like they might be too afraid to speak candidly, open an anonymous suggestion box where people can feel free to offer suggestions that would improve their work environment.

    • 4). Give them incentives to work harder. If you're allowed to, offer merit raises or bonuses. Sometimes, even leaving work early or getting an extra day off may be all the employee wants. Offering rewards for work well done is essential in treating an employee with dignity.

    • 5). Compliment your employees when they do good work. Sometimes your employees may not even be aware that they're good employees unless you let them know.

    • 6). Refrain from punishing an employee unless it's absolutely necessary. It may be more beneficial to simply have a conversation with the employee and give them a warning. We all make mistakes and your employee should be given a chance to explain their behavior before you decide to dole out demerits.

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