Easy SEO Basics

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SEO needs hard work, specially in the actual content of your site.
There are no shortcuts with search engine optimization in case you are looking for them to make your job easier.
You also need to be patient as you will not find success as fast as you hope.
It is important to have realistic expectations when you are starting out and early enough in your online SEO endeavors.
At the same time, there are only a few important pointers to follow: Content The most important variable when doing on page SEO is a well written site that reads well and is helpful for people.
All other aspects of SEO are useless if the website has sub-standard content.
"Good content" means unique information that is helpful to users and reads well along with being grammatically correct, including spelling wise.
Titles Having titles that describe your page accurately and completely will not only allow the search engines to easily place your site where it rightfully belongs in the search results but it will also make it easy for people who are looking for your product to pick your site when they see the title in the SERPS.
Many experts consider the title to be the most important piece of the SEO package.
Headings Header tags from H1 to H6 are critical for search engines to know what your page is all about.
Many people use a graphical header to make it attractive but the search engines can't read it as well even if it has alt tags.
Real text is the best option for headings.
URLs Search engine robots need a URL that is friendly and that it can read easily and unfortunately, many automatically generated URLs which have query strings don't work well for them.
This item itself can have a dramatic effect on overall SEO results.
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