Home Based Business, Is It Netwishing Or Networking?

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I find in the Networking business that people sign up and are very excited to get going and get out there to start recruiting and fall flat on their faces.
They expect everyone else to build there business and do nothing to build there team.
I call this netwishing not networking.
What we seam to struggle with the most in this business is the face to face networking.
I don't know if its when people first come into network marketing they are thinking people will just flock to them to sign up as a distributor or use there product? That kind of thinking will for sure lead to failure in this industry.
They say that 97% of people entering into network marketing will fail.
These odds are a huge failure rate.
If you have a dream to get into network marketing you need to have a plan.
Without a plan in place your new business and dream in likely to fail.
If you talk to any successful business owner they will tell you create a business plan and set achievable goals.
Once you achieve your goals you need to reestablish new goals.
I read not to long ago, a dream is only a wish without a plan in place.
Success is achieved by doing not waiting for someone else to do it for you.
If you decide to start a networking business do research and talk to people who have been in a business like this, it will save you a lot of headaches and time.
Just remember find your business that your passionate about set goals and just get out there and do it.
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