Ways of Promoting Products - Why Article Marketing Is a Great Choice For Newbies

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There are countless ways of promoting a product online. If you are a beginner the chances are you will not have a huge budget, so it is important to find cheap web traffic!

Writing an article is a powerful free way of promoting a product by driving traffic to your website.

If you have never done this before it can seem a bit scary but like everything else it is learnable, there are a few tips worth remembering before you start.

Brainstorm - What is your site about? What information are people looking for?

Forums are a great place to gather information and find out what type of questions need answers. You should get more than enough ideas from this source alone. Check out article directories to give you an idea what others are writing about.

Choosing relevant keywords is vital to your success. Properly researched SEO (search engine optimisation) will pay dividends and produce results way into the future.

Armed with this information you can make a list of subjects for your submission.

Keep in mind everything must be 100% original otherwise it may be rejected. The minimum amount of words required could depend on where you are submitting your piece of work to, it is worth checking with the site first.

Your article would be basically broken down into three sections:

Title: Many would say this is the most important element . A winning title should always start with your keyword and provide a solution to a problem. This can then be found by humans and search engines alike.

Content: This is where you follow through your promises in the title. It pays to make your work look appealing. Small paragraphs are best making it easier to read. You should be aware of keyword density. This is how many times you use your keywords. As a general rule 2-3 times every hundred words is about right. Anymore and this could be considered spamming.

Resource Box: This is the final section and your opportunity to place a link leading back to your website. A direct call to action is required. You must tell your reader what to do now in order that they may act on the techniques discussed in your piece.

You are now ready to submit your work to the article directories. The best known of these is Ezine Articles. Another option could be placing a submission with a review or expert advice website specific to your niche.

Article marketing is not for everyone. It can be frustrating and takes time and effort before you see additional traffic to your website. It can also be highly competitive especially if it is a popular subject.

If you are looking for free ways of promoting products, article marketing is an excellent choice. If you provide your readers will helpful informative content they will be curious about your topic and want to find out more. This ultimately has the ability to bring free targeted visitors to your site for eternity.

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