How Not to Market Online - My 7-Day Account of What Not to Do!

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If you have ever TRIED and TRIED and TRIED to earn a living online, done 3491 Google and Yahoo searches, bought great Money-Making Programs which worked for everyone but you, but came to a GRINDING HALT when faced with the horrific FEAR of Marketing.
If that's you - read on, laugh and conquer your fear, make BIG money and learn How To Market Without Stress - AFTER you've read how NOT to do it! Read My Story Of How NOT To Market Online In 7 Days! Days 1-3 You have maxed out your credit cards, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on 25 eBooks that assure you, that by the end of the first week you will have banked at least $1,359.
01 each day of that week - doing no work whatsoever.
You HOPE that you'll be able to actually be able to FOLLOW the directions to make the tens of thousands of dollars a month they say in at least one of them.
O Yippee, and you've got that Millionaire's Mindset too! You look at everything there is in each eBook, cover to cover.
Your face registers a BLANK daze.
You then call everyone you know including your Mac and PC Computer Geek friends, to interpret the linguistic instructions on the 6 million pages of each program.
But, none of your Geek friends understand them either.
Perhaps these eBooks are written in Klingon?? OK, let me try the P'TAKH way...
By now your faith has somewhat diminished, along with your hopes and credit card availability.
Day 4 Nevertheless, you keep on keeping on.
Yes, you can do this...
if you just take action as the gurus say everything will begin to manifest.
Right about now, you stop everything you are doing and raid the fridge, cupboards, wine cabinet for some sort of comfort sustenance to reward you for all the hard work you are about to do.
I think that's called Pay It Forward, so in the immortal words of Scarlett O'Hara - I'm not going to think about it now, because tomorrow is another day! Day 5 Now you feel good so it's back to work learning How to Make Money Fast Online.
OK, you are told to PRINT off each eBook but first download the PDF files - which in Roman Geek means Post-Partum Di Fartus.
Then your printer decides to go on the fritz after pounding faithfully away for five days straight, printing off each Money-Making Program, emptying six entire cartridges of black toner and aced through 8 reams of copy paper...
Oh and yes, the supplier is closed because he now works online - making millions! Smart guy! Day 6 By this time, one can see that procrastination has set in! And a disgusting fear of getting ahead with these Post-Partum Di Fartus money-making programs has had your brains reeling in ancient Roman Geek.
Whoever writes them also has a PHD in Highlight, Copy & Paste! Oh, Oh and FYI, the PHD stands for Pius Hyperlinkus DoggyDooDoo! Day 7 That's it -you quit.
Forget it, it's too hard, incomprehensible, it doesn't work for me, what a waste of money! You give up - and rightly so! Where's that Millionaire's Mindset when you need it? So it's taken you 7 days to get nowhere fast - now get a reality check in 7 seconds to see how you will make the real money fast without any further Crapus.
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