Dani Johnson Prospecting Secrets

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Dani Johnson is considered to be one of the most successful women to come out of the industry of network marketing.
From being to a broke cocktail waitress who got pregnant at 19 to living homeless because her husband stole everything she had to generate over $2000 dollars from a car and a pay phone to generate millions of dollars, she definitely has a story worth sharing and someone to listen to.
What are her prospecting secrets? Dani Johnson information is based on really creating relationships with people first before you recruit them.
She truly focuses on building strong rapport.
She wants to make sure that she knows and ask as much as she can then she uses the information that they told her to move them through the recruiting process.
She is an expert at establishing trust.
She makes sure that they feel comfortable talking to her and that people are okay with talking about themselves.
She makes sure people feel appreciated and that she makes sure that her prospects know that she is listening and that she genuinely cares about their situation.
Dani has created a great script book that lets you know what you should and should not say to a prospect as well as how to talk to people who are already leaders in a network marketing company.
There are many testimonials from people who have used them to generate success in their company.
When you come in contact with Dani and you ask her a question, the first thing she is going to make sure of is if you have the book.
Because she will know how to guide you in your process.
So, if you are looking to attend a seminar by Dani Johnson then I suggest you get the book because you are going to use it extensively.
Not all people enjoy Dani Johnson's information because they are not comfortable with talking to people that they don't know.
Clearly Dani Johnson Information is not a solution for every network marketer out there but if you want to really learn how to get over your fear of cold calling people and building rapport.
Then she can definitely help you do that with her prospecting material.
If you are a person who is not into cold calling and choose to build your business online, then check out my resource box for a free boot camp it will excite you.
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