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In Internet Marketing of today, it is easy to get lost in technical stuff and expressions.
But that is many times a way for a new or not so successful marketer to hide a lack of confidence or even worse, hide a bad business idea.
In my opinion it mostly ends with frustrated subscribers and lost business partners.
But Internet Marketing has of course become more technical, that can't be denied.
In a way it has to to with more automation tools, more advanced sales systems and of course a higher degree of competition.
However, selecting the best tools helps you get away with limited technical skills.
And for all "tech freaks", there are more than enough to learn just for the fun of it.
My key point is really that if your plan is to get the most out of your time and investments, it is important to focus on the key issue.
Marketing! And Internet Marketing does not differ from any other type of marketing really.
You have a product or a service you want to sell.
You have to define your market, your marketing methods, your resources and plan your work.
What differs from offline marketing is that your are many times aiming at a global market in an environment that holds so much competition from other businesses and information sources.
The largest obstacle is to be seen or found to just be able to present your offer.
Another thing that is typical for the Internet is that when someone actually sees your ad or your offer, you just have some seconds to convince your potential customer to continue reading.
So back to my key point again.
In the following weeks, I will address the basic elements to build or increase a business without being to technical.
As I said, it is all a bout marketing and that will be the red line in my work and that will guide and assist anyone that is interested in making a profitable business online in a couple of months.
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