Brazilian Crafts for Kids

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    • Children can learn about Brazil with crafts.stained glass 3 image by Cesar Andrade from

      Children enjoy creating craft objects and can gain a lot from them. Crafts allow for creative expression and help to develop hand-eye coordination, as well as the small muscles in the hands. Crafts can also help to foster a greater understanding of different topics. If you are a parent or a teacher who intends on teaching children about Brazil, there are several crafts that children can create to teach them about the culture of the country.

    Paper Plate Maracas

    • Music is a very important part of the Brazilian culture. Have children create maracas out of paper plates that they can shake to make their own music. For this craft, you will need one paper plate per child, paint, crepe paper streamers, uncooked macaroni and a stapler. Provide children with one paper plate and have them decorate the back of it however they wish, using paint. Once the paint dries, fold the paper plate in half so that it makes a half-moon shape. Use the stapler to staple the edges of the paper plate closed, leaving a portion open at the top. Pour uncooked macaroni into the paper plate via the portion that is left open. Seal the hole with staples. Finish the craft by stapling pieces of crepe around the edges. When the craft is complete, the children can shake their maracas to make music.

    Macaroni Necklace

    • Brazilians enjoy wearing vibrant jewelry as a means of self-expression. Allow children to create their own vibrant jewelry with macaroni. For this project, select a variety of different types of macaroni noodles, such as ziti and elbows. You will also need craft paint in a variety of colors, paintbrushes and lengths of string. Provide children with macaroni, paint and paintbrushes. Allow them to choose whichever type of macaroni they'd like and have them paint it. Set the noodles aside to dry. Once dry, children can place their noodles onto a string. Tie the ends of the strings together and they will have their own unique necklaces that they can wear.

    Carnival Masks

    • Mardi Gras, or Carnival, as it is called in Brazil, is a huge celebration in the country. During this celebration, people march in parades adorned in masks. Let children create masks to wear for a Carnival celebration. Create templates of masks on pieces of oak tag. Provide the children with recycled pieces of thin cardboard on which they can trace the mask template---soda boxes and gift boxes are ideal. Once traced, they can cut out their masks. Allow them to decorate their masks with paint, markers, stickers, craft gems and feathers. Once dry, attach the straw to one side of the mask so that it acts as a stick that children can hold. Children wear their masks by holding the straw and placing the masks up to their faces.

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