What is an Opt-In?

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An opt-in confirmation is very important.
The entire definition revolves around communication between Internet marketers and companies around the web to a specific receiver, the prospect requesting the information.
However, it is very important to distinguish the types of opt-in subscribers on the World Wide Web so there are minimum, or none at all, accusations of SPAM to your company.
The terms opt-in, double opt-in confirmed customers, opt-in email subscriber, and mailing list subscriber are among the terms created on the web.
The exact definition of an opt in subscriber is a person who signs up to an email form on a website, enters his name, email address, and therefore grants authorization for the owner of the website to send him or her information.
The process usually has three steps from the opt-in successful transaction standpoint.
The customer asks for information on a specific website, the website owner email system receives the request in a period of 30 to 60 seconds, and the customer receives the information.
That used to be the successful wheel of Internet marketing and business to customer relationship when it came to receiving information through opt-ins.
However, because of the growing conglomerate of companies and small business owners making a presence on the web, the security rules have been modified since the late 1990's in order to cope with the growing, never ending online plague called SPAM.
Today the small business owner and even fortune 500 companies are suggested to have what the marketing community online defines as a double opt-in subscriber.
A double opt-in subscriber requires the visitor to the website that wants information to actually confirm interest before he or she can actually receive the requested information.
These not only assure the small business owner or the owner of the website that the subscriber is truly interested in the information, it serves as legal confirmation that someone from XY email address requested information and confirmed interest.
Most 3rd party companies that provide these email marketing services also provide the marketer an I.
P address where the information has been requested and helps prevent any potential dispute that may arrive if the email subscriber forgot he subscribed.
On the other hand, a double opt-in subscriber helps the customer recognize through an immediate email that he or she needs to assure the need or want of requested information from the given website.
The primary purpose of a double opt-in is to assure a secure transaction and delivery of information between the subscriber and owner of the information.
With a double opt-in option the potential subscriber is forced to confirm interest.
If he does not, he never receives further information which assists greatly in coping with SPAM complaints and further misunderstandings.
Most importantly, there are clear advantages and disadvantages between an opt-in subscriber and a double opt-in subscriber.
As a website owner who owns an opt-in subscriber, you get more valid and authorized communications since the subscriber doesn't need to confirm interest, however, the SPAM consequences are usually high in customer complaints.
With a double opt in subscriber, you do have less amount of people from your database to receive information, however, the I.
P address saved from the email who requested information had confirmed two times his interest, thus making a transaction safer to a business to customer relationship and helps prevent complaints to higher degrees.
Know that you have two options as a marketer.
You should choose the best option for your situation.
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