How to Conduct a Link Campaign

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To succeed with your website, it is important to setup a good link campaign.
With search engines like Google, the quality of links you have will determine how your site ranks in the SERPs.
Not only are links important for allowing your website to achieve high rankings, but it is also an important part of Google's algorithm.
There are two types of links which can commonly be found on websites, and these are one-way links and reciprocal links.
Getting reciprocal links is the most time consuming of the two.
The webmaster will basically spend time contacting other webmasters to ask if they are willing to exchange links.
When using reciprocal linking, a webmaster will typically only contact webmasters who have websites about the same topic.
A mailing list will first have to be acquired.
Once this is done, the webmaster will send out personalized emails.
Depending on the number of emails they send out, they will get a certain number of responses.
When a favorable response is given, it is important to add their link as soon as possible.
One-way links are the best of the two.
While they can be more difficult to obtain than reciprocal links, they are usually worth it.
They may also require you to spend money.
One way you can get one-way links for free is to submit your site to free directories.
While free directories may list your site, the listing may not be as good as you want.
To quickly get your site added to the top listing of a directory, you may have to pay a one time fee.
This is the fastest way to get the best one-way links.
It is best to set aside a budget for this.
It is also important to make sure your site is listed in sections of directories which are relevant to your site.
Another way you can get one-way links is by writing a press release.
Writing a press release and submitting it to a service will promote your site, and you will also get a number of one-way links.
Another common technique used by webmasters is to write content and submit it to the article directories.
Doing this will allow you to get one way links from webmasters who will post your content.
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