Creating a Landing Page That Converts Readers Into Buyers

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Landing pages are the most important pages on a website.
It is vital that your Internet marketing efforts include the creation, testing, and tracking of landing pages.
You can directly equate the success of your landing pages with your conversion rate so your attention to detail is important when it comes to your landing pages.
1) Testing Landing Pages The best way you can test landing pages on your website is to create multiple versions of the page to be tested.
Your pages should differ in style, content, offers being made, images, etc.
Once you have your pages set up you should install Google analytics on them.
The analytics will help you see how traffic is responding to the various landing pages you set up.
Create a PPC campaign on Google that sends traffic to all four landing pages and run the campaign for at least 4 weeks.
Make sure each of the pages is receiving around the same volume of traffic.
2) Seeing the Results Examine the results to make a determination about the success (or lack of success) of each landing page.
You want to see your bounce rate (the lower the bounce rate the better), your conversion rate (the most important statistic) and how long people spend on each page.
Start to identify your most and least successful pages.
Look for similarities among the most successful pages and the least successful pages.
This should help you start to identify what does and does not work.
3) Adjusting the Landing Pages Put together a couple of different variations of your most successful pages to run the experiment again.
Pay careful attention to things like what images are being used and where, what if any video is being used and where, calls to action, etc.
Run the campaign for another 3 to 4 weeks and analyze the results in much the same way you did earlier.
At this point you should be able to pinpoint what is and is not working on your pages.
Create your final pages based on what worked the best and run them for at least 8 to 12 weeks.
After approximately 8 to 12 weeks you may want to create new versions of your landing pages and test them again.
You will have "fresh eyes" at this point and may identify new things to improve the success.
4) Use Customer Testimonials Internet marketing is about gaining the confidence and trust of a consumer so they will buy your products or services.
One way you can do this is with putting customer testimonials on your landing page.
If presented properly, these testimonials can turn website visitors into customers by gaining their trust and loyalty.
5) Make it Personal Testimonials are an excellent way to gain consumer confidence.
Many websites have customer testimonials on them.
Rather than just give a quote and a name, you should make it more personal.
Having a picture of the person giving the testimonial makes it more personal and therefore more powerful.
Request a photo of the person offering the testimonial and confirm with them that you have their permission to use it on your website.
This will make your customer testimonials more powerful.
6) Ratchet Up the Impact with Video If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you can guess that a video must be worth much more.
It is extremely easy to add video to websites.
Consider having video testimonials from your happy customers.
The personalization of the testimonial will provide impact.
A simple, short, honest video testimonial can dramatically impact your potential customers.
Have an entire page of video testimonials and you can see your conversion rate soar.
7) Make it Natural Do not script or write testimonials for your clients.
Consumer will read right through that.
You want the testimonial to be natural and unforced.
This will give it much more credibility and that is the primary purpose you are adding testimonials to your site - credibility.
If you have customers that are interested in giving testimonials but they are not sure what to say you can give them some talking points for ideas, but do not script it, especially if they are doing a video testimonial.
The bottom line is that customer testimonials are a powerful Internet marketing tool that can help you gain consumer confidence and credibility.
The more personal the testimonials are the easier it will be for potential clients to identify with the person giving the testimonial.
If someone identifies with the person giving the testimonial it will have greater impact.
You should definitely include obtaining and posting customer testimonials as part of your overall Internet marketing plan.
The more testimonials you have and the more personal they are the more impactful they will be.
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