Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

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What is guerrilla marketing? Put simply, it is the way of using unconventional marketing tactics to achieve conventional business goals.
Most of the time, the target audience is completely unaware that what they are seeing or hearing is actually a clever marketing tactic.
The neat thing about guerrilla marketing is that it is often very simple to implement, and requires neither expensive tools nor pricey staff costs.
All it needs is a bit of creativity from the marketer, and you're good to go! Here we list a few effective guerrilla marketing tactic; see if you can expand on any of them to suit your particular line of business.
  • Having a website and including it on all your business cards and stationery.
    You would be surprised how many businesses do not follow this rule and only place their name and contact number on their materials.
    Having a website address looks professional and offers a medium that anyone can easily look up for more information.
  • Simply placing a bumper sticker on cars and company vehicles is an easy and effective way to get exposure in the public.
    An odd but important you may like to know is that people happen to remember web addresses and names they have seen on a vehicle better than they do from other mediums.
  • Picking to advertise on signage in strategic locations.
    This does not necessarily mean picking a massive billboard above a highway; it may pay to just look for a busy intersection where thousands of cars or people pass by every day.
  • Branding uniforms with a company name, slogan and URL is an easy and effective way to build your brand, enabling your staff and business to be easily recognised.
    This is a particularly useful tactic at trade shows and career expos, where people are actively seeking information.
  • In line with the above point, having small giveaways at such conventions also helps build brand awareness unconsciously, as small souvenirs such as these are often well used and appreciated by the target audience.
    Just include a company name or slogan, and website address.
  • Don't be afraid to have a bit of fun.
    Perhaps create a short joke email, comic or flash cartoon, all of which include essential information such as your website URL, and send it off.
    These can often get forwarded to many people in a very short time and create some healthy exposure for your business.
    Best case scenario is that it may even go viral around the world!
  • Though most businesses try to take advantage of the holiday seasons by having special offers during these periods, go one step further and give your brand a temporary "makeover" such as creating a holiday version of your logo and website.
    This attracts attention to your business and helps gaining traffic to your website.
These are but a few examples of guerrilla marketing tactics you can use to boost your own business.
Lastly, get creative and use your imagination is your marketing! When done right, your ideas can turn to marketing tactics which can work wonders for your business.
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